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The Rare Sight of Numerous Plymouth Superbirds

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By Mark Weisseg

Can you imagine walking out in the parking lot and seeing this sight? Well, I did. I am old enough to remember Superbirds lined up like this back in the day and it was not a big deal.
These things were built to win races on the track and they looked too wild for most people on the street. So, for a very brief time, a parking lot full of them was the more usual site.

Today, it’s more than a big deal, it’s a miracle.
You might get lucky and see something like this if you went to a special show, but unlikely just at a local car show.
Last year we were at our local show and it sits just off the main highway. Suddenly, someone yelled” look” and pointed toward the road. Sure enough, it was a ‘Bird coming into our show. The buzz was everywhere. I made a mental note to be sure I found it later.

We walked back to find the bird and we did find it. However, both of us were not happy. It was a Superbird but the guy had a 440 in it and he took the hood off and installed a blower so big the hood would not close. Darn it, as we wanted to see either a Hemi or a stock 440 and hoped the car would be really nice. There were no crowds around it and no more excitement. The owner ruined the car.

A friend of mine bought a 1970 White Superbird a few weeks ago with less than 5,400 miles on it. It has a 440 automatic and it is beautiful. I am sure if the weather permits he will bring that car to the first show of the year and he will be swamped with onlookers and questions. Too bad the other guy I spoke about ruined his.

Something as original and unique as a Plymouth Superbird should be kept as stock original as possible.
They were such wild designs that they really don’t need any upgrades or changes.
Somethings should be just left as they are.

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