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A Basic Camaro is Still A Sweet Ride

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With so many Camaros around getting the upgrade treatment and attention being mostly given to SS, RS and Z/28 models, we can still have fun in the basic models.

Nothing very special about this car other than it was cool. Sure by this time it was the 305 or 350 engine but, the looks made it a winner, the power was alright, the interior was pretty nice and overall a fine car.

It was a tight fit inside but, if you wanted a great two seater with a bit of storage in the back seat this was perfect. Rear wheel drive, a console car and good visibility out the front, but the side and rear were a bit iffy.
My sister had one, I believe a 79 and we all loved that car except in snow. Even studded snow tires in our hilly terrain did not make it any better. But, it had a long hood, plenty of pep. and was a pretty darn reliable car.

My only beef with all the GM cars at the time were the cheap plastic caps they installed over a steel lug nut. More people rounded them off which came to guys like me to get the lugs loose.

It was a shame when the original Camaro finally passed away because it was nothing like it was. The argument is the same for the rest of the muscle car breed.
It got soft, easy, and just plain boring. So, it died from within. Now, it’s back with an edge and let’s hope GM carries on the good work they have built up over the last few years.

A basic Camero can still be enjoyed as a daily driver or a basic platform to be upgraded, the essential muscle car away.
In some ways, it’s less frightening to build on a basic level, then it will be one which is a lot rarer, so don’t overlook basic Camaro or any other base model. Think of them more as a blank canvas.

By Mark Weisseg

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