Racing Extinction: New Muscle Helps The Cause

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The guys from Racing Extinction reached out to us to help them promote their latest films.
Racing Extinction seeks to highlight the worlds of illegal trades and how the world’s ecosystems are slowly being degraded from their affects.

You would think this has nothing to do with vintage gas guzzling muscle cars, but the power of the car is one of their secret weapons.
Leilani Munter who races in the ARCA Series, uses a ‘Tesla Model S is outfitted with a 15,000 lumen robotic video projection system that deploys out of the back window, a FLIR camera that raises through the hood (a.k.a. “frunk”), a disappearing license plate, and an electroluminescent paint job by Darkside Scientific.’

Again you ask, ‘that’s an electric car?’
True, but it also highlights the possible future of muscle cars and their possible electric descendants. Electric powertrains are not the best future for the great V8, but it’s not out of reach to find a gas alternative which will keep our beloved muscle cars going forever.
Same cars, same performance, same looks, just a different beverage.

The team essentially need a powerful getaway car and one with all the tech needed to gather the information they need. ( I’m sure they would have preferred the Dodge Hellcat, but they had to use an instantly recognisable, eco-friendly car, no questions asked vehicle, with the most power possible.)
It maybe electric, but it’s electric muscle, which without muscle car heritage and thinking, they would arguably have to get away in a little Chevy Volt or Prius and then they wouldn’t have anything to show!

How will this help muscle cars?
Easy. Muscle cars and their counterparts are just a drop in the ocean. Literally.
High performance vehicles are only a small part of the full car market and a very small part of total human output. More of the dangerous stuff that goes away, the more of the good stuff can stay.
Gas, petrol, whatever you want to call car fuel, can be used safely and enjoyed without the heavy burden of thinking going for a burnout is going to destroy a rainforest. Industry does that, not muscle cars. This means that the less crap the world pumps out in total, the more we can enjoy our cars.
Nobody wants a global ban on either performance cars, high displacement cars or any type of muscle car just because the bad people of the world are wrecking the place. If all the bad people are highlighted, the good and the minorities do not get implicated.
A win-win situation.

RacingExtinction will air globally on the Discovery Channel on December 2nd and be in select theaters Sept. 18. Check if we’re coming to your town here:

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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

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