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Quick Muscle Car Pick: 1971 AMC Javelin/AMX

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Current bid: $3,750.00

The main item for sale here is a 1971 AMC Javelin, but the real takeaway is all the parts that come with the deal. There seems to be loads of AMC parts covered in dust, which could probably get you going on a few other projects.


There seems to be three AMC javelins which have been pulled apart for parts and stored along with a green AMX interior and AMX trims. There seems to be loads to go off here from front grilles, with a list of parts from the ad. below. there are many parts you can’t even buy any more, which should be great for any AMC enthusiasts out there.

There also should be two 360 CI engines included, but no more details on these. Essentially, for the price you are getting a truckload of parts, which means for any AMC/AMX fan or restorer out where you could have a nice little goldmine on your hands here.

There’s only 2 1/2 days left on this listing, so get in there quick.

71 Javelin SST-electric blue-factory air/tilt (in car) rimblow horn, 304/auto (both gone), factory disk brakes

-floor/trunk floor rust free
-has quarter patch panels installed
-stripped and in etch primer (will need stripped and redone-been sitting several years)
-interior out of car
-engine/tranny out of car
-good clean title


Green AMX door panels/interior-
NOS 71 Javelin taillight set
NOS AMC bullseye emblem
AMX grille screen/grill bucket/bezels
AMX spoiler
71 only console with armrest
NOS scuff plates
Pass side west coast full quarter
Driver side west coast full quarter
2-cowl induction AMX hoods
3 extra sets of fenders
3 extra sets of doors
1 nice 73/74 roof
2-360 shortblocks with heads/oil pans
New dual exhaust-never been used/welded up
AMX Tic Tac Toc Rally gauge cluster
Nice AMX cowl induction hood front trim
2-nice deck lids
Javelin Rear defrost fan
Nice plastic “clam shell” seat backs -pair
Nice chrome automatic factory console shifter

AMX emblems/Javelin emblems
Multiple seats in different colors-both front buckets and back seats, 4 sets
3 AMC 20 axles-none twin grip
3 gas tanks
Multiple interior parts from other parts cars
3 or 4 sets of bumpers (front and rear) most will need dents fixed/rechromed
2wd AMC 727 transmission (will need rebuilt)
74 AMX wiring harness
Lots of good door and front/rear glass (several sets)
Lots of door regulators
3 or 4 sets of stainless trim
Several front/rear valances
Several powersteering pumps/alternators
Several ac condensors
Carbs, exhaust manifolds,
Front and rear sway bars
Boxes of interior odds and ends
Hood hinges
AC/heater controls-several
Several power break boosters
Multiple radiators
Kickdown linkages
Multiple sets of wheel well trim
Multiple sets of rocker panel trim
Several sets of heating/air ducting
Headlights/marker lights
Several sets of quarter patches (panels that could be cut up to be used as patches)
Lots of drivershafts
NOS odds and ends-bezel, some trim
Wipers, linkages
Nice blue headliner
Nice green headliner
71 parts grille
Rough factory sheetmetal, busted fenders, floors, hood-Couldn’t make myself throw it away-they don’t make it anymore.




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