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Plum Crazy or Just Crazy?

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By Mark Weisseg

Does it get any better than a Challenger painted in the plum crazy color? The answer is no!

Hats off to Chrysler for bringing back the Challenger in 2009. The car brought all of us back to the original car, but now with creature comforts.

The original car was one sweet ride no matter what engine you had. They were known for big engines, cool interiors, and a forward thinking design. So, many years later Chrysler brings back the car with the same idea. Big engine, cool interiors, and great creature comforts. But, when you shell out the big bucks for this car one of the biggest decisions you will need to make is the color.

A black Challenger is always a winner because it looks so mean and nasty. Some go for the Hemi orange or the fire engine red for the same effect. I’ve seen the white ones with a stripe but they just don’t invoke fear.

But, the clear winner is the plum crazy and I mean it. Whether it is a 70 Challenger or a 2015 Challenger. There is just something about the plum crazy color that makes this car iconic. We all know if you buy a Challenger with a 6.2 Hemi engine you have a winner on your hands. I guess the only down side is something I discussed previously. That would be that there are so many out there that you tend not to look at it twice. Unless, you see the Plum Crazy color.

In our hobby we have clear winners of Father Time. In my humble opinion the AC Cobra, the Corvette, the Mustang, and the GTO are on the short list of iconic cars. Of course there are many more we could add after this short list but please take notice of the Hemi Challenger with the Plum Crazy paint scheme.

The car seems a little bulky compared to the other hot cars today but this car has a history and a good one. Park a plum crazy in my driveway anytime but could you imagine a new Camaro in plum crazy? It just does not work. Plum crazy is the Challenger and Challenger only.

If you are lucky enough to have a 1970 or a 2015 Challenger, cherish the car because they are both classics. But add that plum crazy color to the body and you will never go wrong.

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