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Gold mine in Nevada

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By Mark Weisseg

A few years ago my brother Craig and I were in Las Vegas and of course we looked up an old friend of mine who lives there. We asked him to point us in a different direction for something to do that did not involve casinos, girls, gambling and other run of the mill Vegas stuff.

So, he tells us to go to Nelson Nevada. About an hour or so outside the pretty lights and worth the time. So, we believe him, jump in the rental car and off we go.

When we finally arrived and parked the first thing I said to Craig was ” we are going to be here awhile” and I was right. It is an old gold mining area run by a family today. For a small fee ( and it’s worth it) you can gaze upon lots and lots of old buildings, cars, trucks, buses, campers, airplanes, barns, gas pumps, and a helicopter.

We walked around like two little kids from vehicle to vehicle taking pictures and looking everything over. The guy we spoke with rattled off a list of movies made here and showed us the proof. It was like we were transported to old car heaven. Even inside the main building your eyes will be busy looking at all the history and such.

I had an added bonus as at one point Craig and I split up as we had ground to cover and some vehicles are more interesting than others. So, I walk into this old barn and it is empty except in the loft I see a very beautiful young lady posing for a photographer. Apparently I was not supposed to go in there but I did. I was told a lot of magazines and such rent space to shoot pictures for various reasons. I can tell you I had a feeling what she was posing for. They acknowledged my presence but certainly it did not stop them. I quickly exited and moved on to what we came here for.

History. History of old vehicles, farm live, a real working gold mine that still runs tours through, and just for the chance at doing something different. We really enjoyed our day there and mine was better than Craigs. So, if you find yourself in Vegas and can break away from the slots go to Nelson Nevada. You will learn more than you thought you did and come away with an appreciation of a hard life style.

The old cars and trucks were the priority for us and I took a ton of pictures because they are just sitting in the desert waiting for you to touch them and share a story or two.

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