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The Overlooked Dodge Dart

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By Mark Weisseg

The others get all the attention it seems. Chargers, Road Runners, Challengers, Cuda’s and a few others get all the spot light. We talk about the 340, 383, 426 and 440’s all the time. I hope the Dart or Plymouths version, the Scamp gets its day soon as they were fantastic cars. Light weight, nimble and drop that 340 or bigger in there and you folks have yourself a nice hot rod.

You could get bucket seats back in the day as well as the bench. The Dart name has been around quite a while with the first Darts back in about ’62 being somewhat large and ugly. But, you could get a Max Wedge in that beast and smoke the rear tires smooth. Then, the Dart progressed if you will to a smaller, boxier car that could be bought with the ever dependable slant six if you wanted. And that is what most people wanted. A slant six or a V8. Both highly loved engines in the Dart.

The Dart lived quite a quiet life in the Mopar world and went away for a while. So, when FCA took over the reins I groaned at the thought of a new Dart. Apparently most others did as well. There was nothing even close to the original Dart unlike what they did with the Challenger. This new Dart was ugly again and you would think the brains in FCA land could come up with a better or different name for the Dart. It was and is a slap in the face. It’s as bad as the Chrysler 200 which is another terrible car. Unfortunately, the new Dart didn’t live up to its expectations and was an awful car with terrible sales. why they didn’t make it the car. It should have been, we will never know. But, I guess a bad car is a bad car. It’s a shame the company used the Dart name and it will be forever known as a bad car this time around. It wasn’t the first go around at all.
Should we expect the Dodge Miranda again?

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