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By Mark Weisseg

We spend and a lot of time discussing fast muscle cars on the web site but it’s time to remind you of all the fast muscle trucks.

This old truck in the picture is really cool if you look close. The front windscreen pops out for the 250 air conditioning system. Two windows down and fifty miles per hour. The front windshield popping out a bit is called max cool.

The advantage with some of the older trucks is the amount of room under the hood. I can tell you from personal experience that under the hood of my ’49 Chevrolet there is enough room for two engines. So, you have plenty of space for a drop in crate engine if you wish.

The only issue becomes keeping the rear end from getting loose. The rear end is so light you will need some sort of traction control locking device or this thing will fish tail all over the place. Once you get this issue locked down you have unlimited room to drop in a big engine and transmission as well as real a/c and some other creature comforts.
Then, you are ready to roll and roll in style. Most hot rodders love the cars so by having a small, cool old truck like this will get the eyeballs on you quick.

With many shows on TV now featuring old trucks, especially ones with a nice patina, prices are slowly starting to rise. So if you are interested in making a unique muscle truck, now is probably the time to get in there.

Check out some of the listings online for your favourite models, even local junkyards. You may just be able to pick up a bargain.

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