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Is it ok to ruin a classic Muscle Car?

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By Mark Weisseg

Is it ok to ruin a classic Muscle Car I ask? This Superbird is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars just painted the correct color and by leaving everything stock. So, the owner decides to add flames to it because it makes it look faster sitting still, but did he/she ruin it?

I just read about a guy who has an old 69 Camaro that has been sitting since Moby Dick was a Minnow. Now, he decides to restore it with a twist. He is going to make a Toyota Prius out of it. Meaning the inside is a Prius but the outside is a Camaro?

So, Is it ok to take a vehicle like a COPO Camaro and put in a Cummins 6BT Diesel engine? Obviously not in this case, but I am just asking because I see more and more cars that I think are classics that someone else thinks are art work. If I found a Monet in my attic and it’s mine, can I paint with finger paints and do as I please? After all, it’s mine. What if I find the first ever Superman comic book in the basement. I own it, it’s mine so can I take out my silly putty and have a go at it? I own it and it’s mine so why not?

Many classic muscle cars that we see with a home done paint job, not professionally built resto mods or pro Tourers were mainly done back in the day when the worth of the cars was nothing like they are today. So most can be forgiven.

Last year at the car show a guy hacked up a Superbird by taking the hood off and installing some huge blower on it. He thought it looked great but nearly everyone I saw walked by just and just shook there heads in disgust.

I live in a housing community that has a HOA. Generally they are good about the bylaws. It prevents my neighbor from painting his house bright purple with green Polk a dots and building plastic life sized replicas of elephants. They do that to keep my home value from falling through the floor. So, do we need a rules of conduct on classic cars or is it nobody’s business what I do to a classic? Let the debate begin.

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