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The Most Expensive Muscle Cars Sold at Mecum 2024

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By Dave Ashton

If you want to join the bidding for some of the world’s most exclusive vehicles, Mecum Auctions is a one-stop shop. Considering all the classics and rarities out there, American muscle cars hold top positions for the most expensive vehicles to go under the hammer.

We may be crow-barring some vehicles into the muscle car category, but nevertheless, these cars are either American-made, designed or influenced.

1966 Ford GT40 MK1 – £5.45m

This 1966 Ford GT40 mark 1 is one of 30, featuring a 289 CI V8 engine, and five-speed manual transmission, with only 13,442 on the clock. Most famous for winning four Le Mans races, a bunch of these had to be sold as roadgoing vehicles, making them set in stone future classics.

1965 Shelby 427 Competition Cobra – £3.29m
1965 Shelby 427 Competition Cobra

The Shelby Cobra is a vehicle that appeals to car buyers on both sides of the pond. your ripping styling with an American powertrain. This example is one of 23 with a 427 CI V8, four-speed manual transmission, and has been raced by a bunch of Formula One drivers.
The Cobra may not be the most practical of vehicles, but all the raw power and seat of your pants driving experience is why it is still so sought-after today.

1967/1969 Corvette L88 First and Last – £2.03m
The First and Last Corvette L88

It’s not often that you get two for the price of one, but in this instance, it’s the first and last production Corvette L88s. the first one is a 1967 convertible, being the only L88 Convertible in Tuxedo Black. The 2nd is a 1969 coupe which is the last documented and produced Corvette L88, built on December 4, 1969.

1970 Plymouth Hemi Cuda Convertible – £1.68m
1970 Plymouth Hemi Cuda Convertible

This full-fat muscle car may not have fetched as much as the above examples, but it’s the nearest to being what we see as a classic-era muscle car. This 1970 Hemi Cuda has all the attributes – a 426 Hemi V8, automatic transmission, dressed in FY1 Lemon Twist, with a H6T5 Tan interior. the cars of the full restoration job, with a full documented ownership history, and is one of 14 Hemi Cuda convertibles produced in 1970.
The other examples above may be more expensive, but a Hemi Cuda is the most unapologetically raw loud and proud out of the lot.


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