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Now Is the Time To Buy A Hot Rod Truck

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By Mark Weisseg

A year ago my brother and I were walking around a Friday night car show. Thousands of cars, trucks and bikes in presence and there was a theme that night. As we approached a ’71 Ford F100 plain Jane pick up truck, I told my brother to watch these types of trucks for price increases.

For once I was right about my prediction. It never works in the lottery but this one I got right. Whether it is a Dodge like the one pictured here, a Ford or a Chevy the two wheel drive plain Jane type has taken off. Why?

Well, plenty of room under the hood for the wildest of wild imaginations. You take that hood off and nearly anything will fit.
The interiors are easy to remove and replace with top notch gauges and any seating you can think of. The brakes on these are easily upgradable and you will need the better stopping power.

The only thing you are going to put some effort into is the bed of the truck. It is so light back there whether it’s 6 or 8 feet that any kind of power is going to make you fish tail all over the place or just spin in place. So, what do you do?

Drop a Cummins 4BT diesel in it for slow torque? Of course not, you drop a crate monster under the hood and get all the horses you can. But, some electronics are going to be needed for traction control or you are dust. My Shelby has launch control as does many other cars with big horsepower. Unless you get your jollies like in the Hellcat commercials sitting there doing endless burnouts you need launch control. I admit the commercials and You Tubes are cool but when you smoke off a set of 20 inch tires in two weeks the laugh is on you.

So, get out and get yourself an old two wheel drive truck. They are out there and usually were worked hard. But, you can undo years and rebuild the truck better than new. We took my ’49 Chevy that worked like a mule from 1949 to 1980 until the engine quit and turned it into a safe, reliable truck. No more beatings. Now, it’s in retirement mode and just goes down the road slow and easy.

So, keep your eye on the Dodge, Ford and Chevy trucks everyone. In a few years you will thank me.

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