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Flying In A Car Is No Fun

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By Mark Weisseg

It’s the landing that hurts. Yep, another picture of a racer not strapped in, way back when. He is hurled out of the car like a torpedo. Now, who knows if the flyer lived or died. If he lived that boy gonna be sore. This is why racing is for race tracks.

It’s also the reason safety is number one. There are numerous pictures and videos even with current drivers or passengers taking their turn at flying. Some things never change. You can put in all the safety stuff you want but you must use them.

I had a boss once that would lock the seat belt together and then sit on it. That way the warning bells would not ring and disturb him. He also would drive with his knees while he stuffed his face with food. Top quality guy of course. But enough about him forever I hope.

When we see people being tossed out of cars the end result cannot be good. Even if they get lucky and miss their chance to meet there maker you must figure the recovery time will be long. But, people are people and no matter what you do to provide all the safety features available they will work around them. Why? Well, clearly they are smarter than us and obviously we stupid fools are to stupid to know better.

Most of us old people rode around in cars as young people without seat belts or any safety devices. They were not there. Remember lighting a gas stove? Turn that gas on high, stand back one foot and throw a lighted match at the little hole and Kaboom! For some reason that is not done anymore. I wonder why? Or the Einstein that pours gasoline all over the wood pile and then throw a match to start that Bon fire quicker. He’s still getting skin grafts and someday maybe his eye brows will grow back. It’s simple science folks.

Gazillions of dollars are spent to ensure your safety but yet some still drive around the crossing gates because it will delay them ten minutes, I like watching a train split an eighteen wheeler in half but the clean up is a bitch. Please folks, drive your fast muscle cars safely. Use the seat belts. If you don’t have them, then install them. Or, you too can learn to fly in one easy lesson.

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