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By Mark Weisseg

At SEMA a few years ago we saw the solution to the rusty cars of the east coast. You know what I mean if you live say from Illinois over to the eastern sea board.
If they use road salt each year your vehicle is going to rust. That is why all the internet sites are crammed with ads that proclaim the car is from Arizona, California, or Florida. No road salt.

You are not to mention sea salt or the blazing sun of course. It’s a selling tool used in the Northeast all the time. What they may not tell you is that is was a Arizona car but for the last fifteen years it’s been in Boston Ma. If you do not ask all the right questions you will not get all the right answers. Kind of one of those stories back then; you never told me he was a killer of fourteen people!! You never asked me! So, the circle of life continues.

But, if you have some extra money you can now buy a body of your favorite classic car or truck. It’s a ton of work but if you ever worked on rust you know that is a ton of work. And, it will return. It hides in cracks and crevices and will pop up at any time and at the worst time.

If you found your dream car but it’s sadly rusted badly this is your answer. Providing the frame is good of course. That’s a whole new ball game folks. But, anything can be bought for your car if you have the money and the patience.

There are cheaper solutions from placing the sheet metal, down to Bondo work, but the message here is soon as you spot the slightest sign of rust, jump on it straight away. It will cost in some shape or form, but not as much as leaving it alone.

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