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1969 Plymouth Road Runner: Worth Saving?

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By Mark Weiseeg

It is a terrible shame when I hear the younger generation not understand the influence of the Beatles as a group and after they split up.

To say they were good is like saying Las Vegas has a few slot machines. Certain items in our life are forever stamped in our brain. Maybe the birth of a child or the death of a loved one. But the Beatles were magical at the right time in our lives. So, when I saw this photo with the words that George sung too it hit me.

George did not write the song but he made it famous. He is gone now due to the ravages of cancer. Just like this car on the jack stands. The car is being eaten alive right in front of our very eyes. We need to make a decision about this car and ones like it. Do we let it go and watch it decay to nothing? Or, do we revive life into this car and make it alive once again?

We have the ability to do so it just takes time, money, and patience as the song states. Your choice. Are you up for the challenge? I was years ago but now I need to pass the puck to the younger crowd and hope they understand the importance of this car.

If we let it die we cannot bring it back later. It’s now, or it’s never. Does someone have the skill set, the earnest desire, and the means to take this challenge. My guess is a positive one but the solution is getting the car in front of the right people. Leaving it in a field or a barn only worsens an already bad situation.

We put the car out on our Facebook page to gauge the reaction. Most said it was too far gone and that’s understandable. In most cases they may be right, but if you let this one go, that would mean one less 1969 Plymouth Road Runner in the world.
It’s currently on sale for $1,500.00 on eBay, if you follow the link below.

Please, if you know of a car or truck out there that needs someone’s attention now is the time to pull the lever. Let’s save our history and forge a future for those who were not around to drive these classics and sing along to “I want to hold your hand”.


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