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Mustang Ad.: How We Used To Live

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By Mark Weisseg

This old Mustang ad. is not just a nostalgia trip, but reminds me of simpler times. What was and is the attraction?

You young guys and gals will taste it later in life. You recall things differently from the past and at times, gloss over the bad.
I saw this ad. and remembered how innocent we were back then. We had all kinds of cars, like today, but now we are ten times more informed than we were at the same age. Note I said more informed. Not smarter.
We learned back then by doing the projects not by reading about it. Need a water pump? Grab some wrenches and get after it.
Things were simpler to fix, with limited information. They were arguably less reliable than today’s cars, but also easier to fix. Those were cars were basic, but that’s all we needed. I may today have 5 million settings for the A/C and seating positions in my car, but those basic vehicles of yesterday felt more connected with the road. Raw and to the point.

Those cars also remind of a time when something broke, we fixed it and kept fixing them. Today, if it breaks, we throw it away and get a new one. It’s more convenient, but let’s say not as character building.

I know one cannot go back in time and change things but, the innocent childhood we had was a blast and formed who we are today. I feel I grew up In the best times in automotive history. The 60’s and 70’s were magical.
Now, I guess a guy like my older brother might say the 50’s were the best but he would need to prove that with facts. I say facts such as horsepower as being number one. Sure a 57 Chevy is a great car as was the Olds Rocket 88 but for speed they could not hold a candle to the classics of the 60’s. Long live Rock and Roll!

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