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Muscle Cars: Two Doors Only Please.

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This Mustang is literally a Bullit. The movie with Steve McQueen made this car and the Dodge Charger instant stars. Before the movie the cars were cool and selling well but, once the movie hit the screen the stars were set in stone. Forever.

Even the 2005 Mustang that was a revamp used the cues from this Mustang to restart sales. Then, Ford had another better idea. They made a new Bullit Mustang in the late 2000’s. Same dark green and same wheels so you could feel like McQueen.

Now, the Charger did not follow suit. The Charger name has been rehashed so many times on so many styles of cars it has lost its waya little.
Finally the former Chrysler Corporation, now FCA put out a four door car with a big engine and stuck the name Charger on it again.
Some were appalled that a company would put the name Charger on a four door car and call it a muscle car. Ford were smarter than that as they knew if they added two more doors to a Mustang the sales would tank.

Today, FCA has a Charger four door with a Hellcat engine. If you cannot swallow that, buy a Challenger two door with a Hellcat.
I saw all three at the Chicago Auto Show and I admit the Charger has some good looks and runs great with the Hellcat engine. As for being a muscle car? It just does not come across that way.
The Mustang and Challenger did in a big way of course. Rumors are all over the place that FCA intends to make a ‘Cuda or make the Charger a two door again. If that is true and they drop in that Hellcat engine then we have something to talk about again.
But for now, the fast muscle cars of the big three still feel like two door models. Camaro, Mustang, Challenger. It is the way of things.

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