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Checking Out The Great Nickey Chevrolet

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By Mark Weisseg

We were wandering around the 2016 Chicago Auto Show and stumbled onto this beauty. The sign says it all. This Camaro has been brought up to date with the help of a very well established and respected company.

You may wince at only 600 hp but I can tell you 600 hp is usually enough. There are folks out there doing 707, 850, 900, and more but at that level you better be able to hold on tight and have complete control.
Stories and videos are out there of guys driving these monster horsepower cars and not making it several days before crashing them. Usually it is the back end coming out on them but either way it is a lot of ponies to control.

Seeing a Nicky Chevrolet is like seeing a Yenko or a Mr. Norms car today. We love the history and wish we could have them all back again. It was a special time in our automotive history never to be repeated. Maybe that is good so the memory will never fade. Usually quite the opposite. Memories get embellished over time and the stories get better and better.

I grew up as a youngster in the city of Chicago. I remember Nicky Chevrolet and Mr Norms. When we were younger we were big Mopar guys so we did not pay as much attention to the Chevy side of the business but like man y things in life, that has changed as well. We appreciate much more as we age and treasure our memories.

Seeing this display from Nickeys was a great way to say hello to an old friend. My only disappointment was there were not many people hanging around this car. Most were caught up in the new Camaro as it was the car of the year. That, and lots of people sitting in the 2016 Corvette dreaming of owning one, I guess.

I was caught in a time warp and wanted all of this to come back alive and to be a powerful force once again on the streets. One can always dream I guess.



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