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Car Talk: The Fox Body Mustang

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By Mark Weisseg

The Fox Body Mustang, built between 1978 to 1993, is still a car I hold in high regard.
I loved the 5.0 engine which had enough power for the average person.
Most came with a automatic transmission, air conditioning and a few other creature comforts. They had Goodyear directional tires on them and were light enough to be a factor on the street. Guys could make some simple upgrades and really have a great running car. They were not so swift in snow or even rain as the back end tended to get a little loose, but that was only a small price to pay for a platform that has been customized so much over the years.

Selling well
The Mustang sold in good solid numbers and a ragtop was offered. Even today many are still on the road and even more are for sale on various web sites. They make a great platform for any type of customization and are relatively cheap compared to the rest of the pony and muscle car market.
I tried to buy one two years ago at a Mecum auction. It was white with a red leather interior and red top. To me the car only looked good with the top down. That red top was hard to swallow but I was thinking for a summer cruiser this car would have been nice. The owner would not move off his price even after the reserve was not met.
The after the bid booth failed and now he had me standing in front of him with cash in hand, but nothing. So, I walked away shaking my head. He had a shot when it crossed the line, a second chance after the TV cameras went away and a third with me. So, I saw him pack up and drive it home. Sometimes even a fool cannot be bought.

This car is a great entry level classic car for those looking to break into the hobby.
Unlike real estate people who say every day is the best time to buy a house, this car is ripe for the buying. Fuel prices are low, this car has a ton of aftermarket opportunities for it, so it is the best time to buy for anyone who wants to stick there big toe in the water. If you do, welcome!

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