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Muscle Cars In The Movies: The Grudge Match

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ford gt350

By Dave Ashton

As an avid movie watcher, I’m always on the lookout for muscle cars taking starring roles or even bit parts on the silver screen. In this case my spider senses went off when watching ‘The Grudge Match’ which features a rather tasty Ford Mustang fastback GT350. The car is driven by Sylvester Stallone, one of the main stars, along with Robert De Niro and Kim Basinger.

The main reasons for checking out this movie was due to the stand-up comedian Joey ‘Coco’ Diaz playing a part. The movie wasn’t the best representation of his comedy skills and neither was it the best boxing flick/comedy I have ever seen. But, is was definitely a bonus to see a pony car drop into the storyline.

The GT350 first hits the screen when Stallone’s character Henry ‘Razor’ Sharp is working on the car in his garage(a well kitted out garage seeing as his the character has been down on his luck for many years). But, the GT350 doesn’t last long as it is soon smashed in the rear quarter by a Dodge Durango when ‘Sharp’ is going for a nighttime cruise with Sally Rose (Kim Basinger).

Not much screen time is given to the vintage pony car beauty, but it does raise some questions as to the background of the car. Apparently the car is a GT350 tribute, being originally a 1967 Mustang fastback, VIN number 7R02A174764, with a 289ci. engine and three speed automatic transmission, being built for the film by Erics Muscle Car. The rear damage to the car was left in place for authenticity, as the car seems to have popped up for sale with a pricetag of $110,000.00.

In many ways it was a relief a tribute car was used for filming instead of a real GT350. No one wants to see a real 1967 GT350 smashed up for our eye candy. But, that also means the resale price is for a tribute car and its movie credentials. The added problem is that the movie didn’t do too well at the box office, which means it’s not the most sought-after movie vehicle. On the flipside, it was driven by Sly Stallone and that does have street cred. value.

Still, it’s good to see muscle/pony cars being represented on the big screen. Tribute vehicles or not, it’s their presence that matters. Plus, if you want to see Joey Diaz at his best, check out his live stand-up sets or podcasts. not a vastly dumbed down version of him on-screen.

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