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By Dave Ashton

In our current somber times, it may be our love of muscle cars that brings a ray of light to our current isolated existence. If you’re lucky enough to own a muscle car, either old or new, now could be a great time to work on those outstanding jobs which we didn’t have time for in the past. If you’re working from home or currently have time off, then I would almost suggest finding someone with a muscle car and helping them out, that’s not exactly advisable in our locked down environments.

Dodge Charger Redeye Widebody
dodge charger

Images | S.Baldauf/S.B.Medien

At least Dodge have some happy news coming through the pipeline in the form of an upcoming Dodge Charger Redeye Widebody. The Dodge Challenger was the first to be treated to the wide-body option, Redeye power of 797hp and Demon like characteristics. Now it’s time for the Charger to get the same treatment.

Up to now, it’s only test vehicles that have been spotted in the wild, which means some of the design may be tweaked by the time it hits production. Such as air intakes on the hood and the usual range of loud Dodge color schemes. Launch time is expected to be in 2021, which could also indicate a slight design refresh, meaning the possibility of added equipment and/or a new grille design. Also, as the Charger is a four-door, it’s going to be a more practical Redeye than the Challenger.

An upcoming Dodge Hornet?
Dodge Hornet

The rumor mill is always hot with which classic muscle car is going to be brought back into existence, with the compass firmly pointing towards a Dodge Hornet currently. Fiat Chrysler have recently filed a trademark application for the terms ‘Hornet‘ and ‘Dodge Hornet’ in the US, Mexico and Canada according to Motor Trend.

The Hornet was originally an AMC model, most famous for being featured in the 1974, Bond movie, ‘The Man With the Golden Gun.’ That amazing car stunt which was apparently the first to use any type of computer simulation to get the real stunt spot-on. As Chrysler took over the AMC brand in 1987, the Hornet name has only appeared since on a preproduction 2006 subcompact crossover.

However, with crossovers being so popular these days, the name could be easily slapped on one of these boxy units. But it will be far cooler if some type of muscle car could be derived from the name.


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