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Muscle Cars And Rock and Roll

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The Camaro here was built on Rock and Roll. I will lay odds when you fire this engine everyone on the block knows it. Not only do they know it, but we want it that way.

Ever since Ike Turner’s 1951 hit, ‘Rocket 88‘  which celebrated the Oldsmobile “Rocket 88” and was arguably the first record to feature ‘fuzz’ or ‘distorted’ guitar, the muscle car and rock ‘n’ roll have been closely linked.
Listen to a healthy American V8 engine and you will hear everything from a low-end bass sound to the highs of the best guitar solos.
The car and the music just seemed to fit like hand in glove. There are arguably later more efficient engines, but none have the rhythmic qualities of the American V8.

Now, back to the Camaro…
When this car was resto mod’ed it appears the owner/builder wanted the best bad ass car he could. And yes, they succeeded. This car is as bad ass a car that I will bet runs like a wild goose.

I love this Camaro and its stance. If the car was white or green it would still be cool but black makes this car tough. Remember, when you have a black hot rod car it has to be fast and loud. You cannot roll into a show with a black Camaro and black wheels and tinted windows and have a little six cylinder under the hood. You must have a big engine that sounds loud and can back up the boom. That is half the fun of doing a hot rod like this.

The point here is that any muscle car isn’t just about its looks and its quarter-mile time, it’s the sound. The Symphony of a V8. The low gurgle revving is like a syncopated drum beat and bassline. Moving to the high revs sounds like Eddie Van Halen abusing his whammy bar. Listening to all the rev ranges of the V8 engine and you can hear everything from the chugging of early blues to high-powered rock.
I will probably bet money that many a musician was subconsciously influenced by the sound of the muscle car and the American V8.
This is probably the reason why when the day comes all cars become electric and the soundtrack is replaced by a quiet, electric motor, something will be sadly lacking from the driving experience. It may be cleaner, it maybe ultimately more efficient, but the sounds and the vibrations will never be the same. The Beach boys knew the importance of vibrations with their song, ‘Good Vibrations.’ Quiet speed alone doesn’t cut it, you have to feel and hear it.

So as the Blade Runner film says, ‘revel in your time’ as we can still enjoy being able to listen to the muscle car and its V8 engine all day long.

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