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Muscle Car Talk: The Super Chevy Nova

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By Mark Weisseg

Do you desire speed, good looks and attention? If you answered yes you are in serious need of a Chevrolet Nova. The Nova was made between 1961 and 1979, with a few years off to come back in the 80’s for a few short years. It was a light weight car with a squared off design and later a more swooping look. Both were winning designs and the hot rod guys then and now figured out how to make this car very special.

The car came with an assortment of engines from six cylinders all the way up to the big V8. Today, the hot rod guys figured since there is so much room under the hood, why not install even bigger crate engines.
I parked behind one at a show recently and the car was fantastic. Black, with a black interior and a 528 crate engine. The car was set up to run fast and it drew a lot of attention.
The owner made quite a few changes and modifications which were all very easy to do on a Nova according to him. I am more apt to lean toward the earlier models that were more squared off but I keep an open mind to all models.

I think the engine that did the most for this car had to be the 396. It was a great engine and had more than enough power. But as we know, some people just cannot live with only a 396, they had to have more, so step up to the 528 crate engine. It reminds me a lot of the LS7 engine but either way the engine has more than enough power.

We both sat there that night admiring one another’s cars but there was a little tension, both of us thinking which car is actually the best. He must have been thinking he would blow the doors off my Roadrunner and I was thinking I certainly do not want to embarrass him later tonight! Maybe this year we will find out.

The Chevy Nova was and still is a fantastic platform to either restore or turn into a restomod. A simple platform, parts  easier to acquire and the results always look great.

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