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Hot Rod Talk: Tell The World About Your Classic Car.

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By Mark Weisseg

This tired old ’49 Chevy Truck is mine right after I bought it. I mean within minutes. They pumped up the tires because they were all flat before, but that is not the inside talk.

When I bought it I had it shipped to my brother Craig to restore it to my liking. The fun part for me was that the local paper where he lived did two articles about him and the truck complete with pictures and great text. That led to other newspapers, web sites and more picking up the story and running with it.
Before we knew it, the story was in Washington DC, Chicago Illinois, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and los angles California. I decided at that point to have an information board made with all the press the truck and my brother and I received. Watching people at the car shows read the list was fun because after all it was just a barn find sitting for 33 years to me.

Now, here is the next inside story. My brother is doing a 1928 Ford Model A for me right now that was also a barn find. It sat for 25 years and Craig is restoring this to my liking. The rub here is the newspaper that started the whole wave on the truck will now do another story on the Model A very soon.
I am guessing it will go like the old truck did and that other outlets will love the story and run with it.
The point here is that it doesn’t matter how incredible all lonely your vehicle, there are people out there who are interested, so let them know about what you are doing.

Our projects costs us plenty of money, time and family. All three major factors in restoring a classic. All of us have different stories and different reasons why we do what we do but, I have hope all of you will be successful with your own plans.

I love these classics and I love high horsepower. I want to feel the rpm’s and I love the smell of the fumes from the pipes. If that doesn’t get your heart rate up then a blue pill won’t work either. Save our classics. Teach others to love our classics. Share your story with everyone. You never know who is listening.

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