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Muscle Car Talk: Are Resto Mods The Way Forward

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By Mark Weisseg

At this point I am still wrapping my arms around the resto Mod craze. I know it’s been around a while but I am a original type guy at heart. I guess this comes from seeing them originally on the street and wanting to keep them that way.

We seem to be divided on the issue and nobody wants to budge. Except me. I am finally ready to accept the changes for safety purposes or I am just giving in?
If we are going to drop in these monster crate engines we certainly better find a way to stop them. The conventional brakes whether it’s drums or disc’s, just cannot stop a monster like the Camaro pictured here.

The people that restored this car do get a gold star on there forehead. This is an example of the beauty and the beast. It’s beautifully done in all aspects but you and I know a beast lurks under that hood. So, if you have a car like I do that has a top speed of 45mph then please keep it original. But, if you have a hot rod like this Camaro then I am now voting for the upgrade package.
That upgrade package should include steering, brakes, and suspension to start. After that, have fun rebuilding your classic. It’s always fun when you have a blank slate rather than someone else’s hack job. That is why I always worry when I see a project car on eBay or Craigslist. It’s impossible for you to see the wiring and other hidden gems that can sink your dream quickly. So, if anyone is counting please slide my name over to the resto mod column.

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