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Why People Dump These Precious Cars

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By Mark Weisseg

I saw this picture on the web the other day and about cried. It is one of those situations when you ask yourself over and over again how this could happen. I think I know the answer and it’s hard to swallow.

Recently I was talking with some people who are not car crazy like you and I. To them, a car is a mode of transportation and that is all. They do not see what you and I see. It is like when I stumble into a museum and everyone is ga ga over a painting hanging on the wall. The artists say it’s worth millions for the quality of the lines, the strokes, the genius of the painting. All I see is a bunch of paint on a canvas that looks like a pre schooler did it. They all stare at me like I am some sort of buffoon that should crawl back under the rock.

This explains the people we all bump into at times that don’t understand our love for cars. I have had hair stylists, pharmacy people, Doctors, lawyers and more literally have no clue as to why I get goose bumps if I hear about a Yenko Camaro. Just recently my brother was getting a hair cut and somehow in the conversation she told him her Mother has a garage full of of cars. That got what little hair he has left on his dome to ask her follow up questions. She did not have a clue but promised to look into it for my brother. He goes back three months later because as I stated not much is growing up there anymore and the lady has moved on. So, we have no idea where they are or if they are just a bunch of crap or she is sitting on a holy grail.

So, that is why I tell everyone I come across that I am a collector. It is on my Facebook page, I have business cards printed and I bore anyone dumb enough to talk to me that I am looking for old cars and trucks. Maybe it will sink into someone at some point and I will get lucky. What do I have to lose?
What some people see as gold others see as junk. It’s just the way it is. It is up to us to recognize the gold.

Please, take some free advice from me and start telling the world. Why keep it a secret. You just might lose that holy grail car to me of all people.

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