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Muscle Car Talk: Saving Them All.

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By Mark Weisseg

Yes sir, when we see this kind of car sitting in the weeds most of us get a bit hot under the collar. And why not? Gadzooks, for some reason people for the most part couldn’t care less if it was an old boat or an old tractor. But, leave a 60’s or 70’s badass car sitting in the weeds for no good reason? It means war.

I guess it bothers me because of the potential. Like if you were to see a brilliant young person not fulfilling a special talent. As a parent it drives you nuts. You want the best for your children and when you see them goofing off and not working toward a goal you want to cane them. Whoops, cant say that anymore.

We as hot rodders see a car in a field and we know it has potential and with a bit of love and barrels of money we can roar her back to life. It’s never easy but as you know by now nothing seems easy as you age. Seems like when we were young we thought everything was. Just recently I put on a pair of really nice shoes. I rarely do that but as I was walking I heard this weird squeaking noise. Now, was it my shoes or was I finally starting to squeak? Jeepers, if I am starting to squeak what do I do? Bathe in WD 40? Anyway, it turned out to be my shoes. Wasted cash again.

So, my point is to be aggressive when you see a car in the weeds. Don’t get shot by some crazed land owner approaching it but use your noodle and find a way to acquire that car. Reward yourself with endless hours of work and drain your bank account but in the end you will thank yourself. I say yourself because your spouse or whatever you have today will leave you. So, as you sit there in your 1985 shorts with socks and sandals, congratulate yourself. Then, get back out there and do it again. I did and nobody has come to my door yet with a banana and crackers and invited me to a big white building with big beautiful trees – yet.

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