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Muscle car talk: Remember When Wagons Were embarrassing?

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By Mark Weisseg

Wagons at one point in our past weren’t the coolest of vehicles.
I know because our family had wagons all the time. Dad loved them so much that at one point when all of us mooches moved out he bought himself a four door car, kept it for a few years and went back and bought another small wagon.

But, we had them all. Nine seaters, wind up window in the rear, an electric window in the rear, a seat facing forward and one with a seat facing backward. I guess with four kids he thought it was best but I can tell you a lot of my friends’ parents had wagons as well but many did not.

I recall Pontiac Catalinas, Ford Galaxie, Impala, Oldsmobiles, and so on. But we rolled in a wagon. Now, I admit it was cool when we towed our pop up camper to and from Florida. But, later in life I wanted the old man to buy a Lincoln Mark 8 or something cool as a reward for bringing us up right. No real long jail time for any of us.
But, I went with him one day and he starts looking at Dodge Aspen wagons. I was horrified. What the heck was he doing? He said he liked them and it might be a good car. Well, he did not buy it but he did buy a Mercury Marquis wagon which by then was a smaller wagon than the huge monsters we had in the 60’s and 70’s.
He and Mom just liked wagons. Us kids wanted Dad to have a Charger or some bad ass car but Father know best I guess because he stuck to the wagons for years. He went off the rails once and bought a four door Plymouth Fury that he liked and we did too. Well, we finally broke him of the wagons we thought. Wrong, after that four door he was back to the wagons.

Now, wagons are hot again. Whether it is patina or not the wagon has made a comeback. People drop in nice powerful engines, do the suspension right and you have yourself a modern day big cruiser wagon.
Now we see these wagons for what they truly were, classics, with good looks and a character all of their own.
It will be just like the kids of today. They want the latest and greatest things, but in another 40 years they too will love the wagons of today.

How sweet it is – again.

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