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Who Doesn’t Love the Buick Grand National

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By Mark Weisseg

The 80s saw a standout muscle car in the form of the Buick Grand National and its ultra-limited and rare GNX version.

I begged my brother in law back in the 80’s to buy one of these because he like the rest of the world loved this car.
It was fast, great looking and had all the tools to stay a success and someday be a classic. Gadzooks, here we are now in 2016 and I was right for once. Why didn’t I buy one? Well, all I can tell you is I was up to my eye brows in medical debt at the time with a very sick baby. I will not bore you with the details but the medical bills I had to pay easily could have bought me a couple of nice homes. So, I begged him to buy one but he didn’t for his own reasons. Now, I am afraid it might be out of reach for many people including my brother in law. I have known him since we were 13 years old and he married my sister at 19 and now she is 53 and he 54. So, it worked for them.

Now, I know of a guy sitting on four of these in a non descript warehouse only 10 miles from me. I saw them, touched them and took pictures. He just asked me to keep it quiet as to where they are to avoid issues.
This 3.8 liter engine was the fasted production model in 1986. Yes, faster than a Vette. That turbo was the key. When that baby spooled up the car would take off like a rocket on rails. Black was the only color for the outside and even today when these cars go to a show or an auction they are highly loved.

Buick were smarter in those days. They knew right away they had a winner. So, when the Grand National came to the end of its run they brought out the GNX. A car better than its sister the GN. The GNX gets huge money thrown at them when they come up for sale. I know I loved them back then and I still do today for the same reasons I outlined above. A winner is a winner is a winner. Buick made a winner back in 86 and 87. Wow. What a car! Gulp.

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