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Muscle Car Talk: The Infamous Hemi Engine.

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By Mark Weisseg

It seems like the word Hemi gets tossed around quite a bit these days. This is a picture of the real deal. If you have not driven a car with the original Hemi do your self a favor and do so.
The Hemi has been out since the 1950’s in one fashion or another. I recall when some called it the Red Ram engine back then. The Hemi really got its fame and fortune in the 1960’s. It was a straight line rocket on wheels back then to out run the competition and it did it in a big way. Like all cars back then all we cared about was the straight line. Forget braking and cornering. Just punch the gas pedal and hold on to something inside the car because you were tossed back in your seat.

Todays Hemi.
Now the engine and cars have changed dramatically over the years and all for the right reasons. Today’s cars with this version of the Hemi are very good. They handle well and can take corners. I do wonder though in 20-30 years if these Challengers, Chargers and now Jeeps with the Hemi will be strong sellers like the muscle cars of the 60’s.

But, let me tell it another way. Not too many 20 something guys are out on the internet looking at the national web sites for a ’68 Road Runner with a Hemi. Nope it’s the older crowd still buying there dreams.

These engines are what started the revolution of high performance street legal hot rods. They are classics right in front of us.
The Hemi name may be more branding these days than anything else, but it still stands for an engine is just that bit special. A more powerful than the rest.

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