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The Iconic King Of The Road: 1970 Chevelle

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By Mark Weisseg

1970 seems to be when all the stars aligned. They got the design right, the engine right, everything seemed to fit into gear, pardon the pun. Even the competition loves this car. They may not admit it out in the open but these cars are special.

I always hate to admit I was there when this type of car came out because it proves I am old. Beats the alternative of course. Always desire to be on top of the flowers folks.

But this car was so popular back in the day and it never waivered. So many engine choices, so many transmission choices, so many colors to pick from and that is a good problem. This car is so special as it was light, fast, and durable. Some really smart cats dropped in 454 engines but a 396 is plenty big.
Chevelle was available from 1964 to 1967, hitting its peak in the very early 70s. like most of the muscle car pack, from 73 onwards legislation and such squeezed these mighty cars, but for a few short years, they ruled the road.

The 1970 model received some design changes with a more squared up stance and redesigned interior.

You GM lovers have a great car here. Look how long this car has been popular? Since day one. Even today almost 50 years later the car is still as popular as ever. GM hit a home run back then and I hope the future car hobby people carry this car into the future with pride. It’s a winner!

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