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Muscle Car Talk: The Iconic Mustang Continues on.

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By Mark Weisseg

Imagine being inside the big offices of Ford Motor Company and discussing the luck they have regarding the Mustang.

We all know by now the story of Lee Iacocca and how he worked to get the original Mustang built. That was 1964 and now here we are in 2016 still reaping rewards from his ability to fight for what he thought was a good idea. It was more like a bomb going off when this car was introduced. Sales were immediate and Ford was thrilled.

Over The Years
The Mustang like any other car that has been around this long has had many changes over the years. At times we thought Ford lost there way. The Mustang II is an example of that. The car has had issues over the years but to this day, it is an after marketers dream machine. No other car possesses the range of these cars and the amount of add on’s you can purchase. Throw in some Rousch or Shelby and ring the register.

To be square with everyone I want to say I have a Mustang, I like the car very much and at times I have to admit I wanted to sell it. Huh? Yes, at times I get this terrible urge to sell my Mustang and step up to a 2013 or 2014 Mustang GT 500 with the giant 5.8 liter 662 hp engine.
Then I saw the new GT R Mustang for 2016 and put that on my radar. Then, I settle down and see a Stang with a Coyote 5.0 and that makes more sense. Then I pull my current one out of the garage, take it for a drive and come home and swear I will never sell it. So many possibilities with Mustangs.
Not too many cars have magazines, clubs, TV shows and such for one model. Certainly a Corvette falls into that category but a Vette costs much more money.

Two summers ago a bunch of guys were out in our cars at a local show. After the sunset we all decided enough was enough and it was time to get on back home.
I was following a friend in his 2009 Challenger with the 6.1 Hemi engine. Nice car but a bit bulky around the waist. Anyway, the two of us are coming home on a darkened four lane road. Our side of the road was going to merge down in about a mile to one lane in each direction. So, I decided now was the time to see what each car was made of. So, we are going along about 30mph and I get on his right and we look at one another and decided it was go time right now. I stood on my gas pedal as he did and both cars launched with a roar that had to wake up the dead. The problem was I left him in my wake. It was not even close and we were both stunned. I really thought he would pull away from me after hearing for a long time what a big fast car he had. His issue was the car is heavy in comparison to the Mustang.
I got so far ahead after a half mile or less I could barely see his headlights anymore. So, with that I slowed down and drove a few more miles home. I pulled in the garage and shut her down only to hear that ticking sound we all hear from the exhaust.

A week goes by and I see my buddy at the car show and we began talking about last weeks run. He begins to tell me I had a better jump, he was catching up and would have gone by me at some point and blah blah blah. I finally listen to his commercial and all I said in return was after not seeing his headlights behind me anymore I slowed down so he could catch up. I was concerned something happened to him back there and I was right. He was dumbfounded and at a loss for how this happened to him.
I want to go on record as stating I really like the Hemi, I owned one and the new Hellcat has me thinking. But, his ’09 Challenger with the 6.1 was just that, a Challenger that night. Ever since then he has barely spoken a word about that night but I remind him at times. He finally broke his silence months afterward and said when we both punched it he said he heard my Mustang roar and saw it immediately pulling away and he had no hope of catching up. That is all I needed to hear. Thank You Ford.

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