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Muscle Car Talk: Dealership Peace Of Mind

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By Mark Weisseg

This Mustang caught my eye last night and it stuck with me today. Even if you are not a fan of the Mustang, you must admit the car has some great lines.

The problem we generally have is finding beautiful cars like this and not just Mustangs. I mean everything. Sure you can scour the Internet and search for hours and take a chance. Many have and failed.
I told the story once before of a friend that found a Corvette on a very popular bidding Internet site. He won the bid and had many conversations with the owner. So, my friend packed his suitcase and gets out his trailer for the trip to Chicago. Upon arrival they discover the car on the web site was nothing like the one sitting in front of them. He was deceived and he asked for his deposits back which he got. He then turned around and drove the eight hours home miserable and ticked off. That is the chance you take folks.

I have done it the same way and it worked out. I also did it another way. I used a reputable used car collector dealership. They posted pictures and videos of the car. They posted all the important data and I spoke with them several times. I bought it by wiring money to them and they found a shipper that was affordable and reliable. I just had to wait for the truck to arrive in front of my house. I have done this twice now and it worked great. Now, this Mustang is at Vanguard Motor Sales in Michigan and is sold. I did not buy mine there so I get nothing for the plug. But, it is the reliable, honest collector car dealers like Vanguard that can make your next car purchase a pleasure. No gimmicks, no fake photos, no bait and switch. These folks show you the car, show the price and you go from there. You might pay a bit of a premium but go to their web sites and you will see top notch cars and trucks that when they get to you all you do is drive them. I know a few who’ve bought from here and it’s how I am going to go in the future. My old cracking bones and the bones of my brother are worn down to sticks, sso peace of mind is important. From here on out when I buy it’s going to be from dealers like Vanguard that remove all the hassles and worry from my purchase. Good day and good hunting for your next collector car.

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