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Muscle Car Talk: How To Buy (Another) Muscle Car

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By Mark Weisseg

I mentioned in a previous article I am looking at buying a used Shelby. I want a 2014 with the 662hp and then add a few gizmos to take me to near the 800 hp level. The problem, like many, justifying buying yet another car. Should I, shouldn’t I?

I was with my Mother over the weekend and it’s something she said to me that got the fire in the belly roaring again.
I already have a very loud and fast Mustang so do I need one with almost 800 hp? Of course not!
Mom said over the weekend I should go everywhere I want to and get anything I want because life goes very fast.

I got to do some more thinking on the big pony Mustang. Obviously I need money to get this going but it should be possible. save some money, sell one or two things, juggle the finances. It will take some time, but it’s do’able.

I dread the story of people who always come up short in life. We never go on vacation because…… We never get a new car because…. We live in this crappy house because…… And so on.
If you want something badly, especially a car, it may take time, it may take a long time, but it is possible.

When I get into an airplane I always notice just above the gray rainy clouds are blue skies and sunshine. You just need to reach a bit higher than the other guy.
I have many anecdotes of people who’ve worked for years to get their prized cars. Some save for years, some juggle their finances, some have even bought and sold a vehicle incrementally until they get the car of their dreams.
Whatever your route, with some careful planning, it’s all possible. This doesn’t mean go hungry all within a box by the side of the road, but have your long-term goal fixed and one day you will get there.

So, I don’t need a Shelby, but I also don’t want to pass away thinking I never even tried to own one.

Now, go touch the sun.

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