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Muscle Car Talk: The Ford Falcon

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By Mark Weisseg

I have not written much about the Ford Falcon or Mercury Comet so I better because I really liked them. They were the same car as it was the old trick the car companies did by rebadging a car with a different name even though it really was the same. Pure laziness by the American car companies for sure. The big three all did it and everyone knew but for the life of me I don’t understand why anyone paid more for the Comet versus the Falcon.

Dad had one of these in the early 60’s with the big powerhouse 140 six cylinder engine. His had a automatic transmission and it was an ok car. It was just too small for a growing family.

Today these light weights get our attention for a very good reason. They are light. Duh. Yes, take this very light automobile and shove in a big engine.
It has been done over and over because if you lift the hood there is plenty of room under there for nearly anything. The interior is easily modified for bucket seats and a shifter if you so desire and if you really want to go to the edge, look in the trunk.
Open that lid and you will see plenty of room for nitrous tanks or air ride compressors and more. I personally dig this car but throw a Falcon Ranchero my way and I really light up. There is one currently on Craigslist in my area for $2500.00 so I opened the ad. up looking and wishing for all good news. Well, it’s all bad news. The car is a shell and over the years people have hacked through this poor Ranchero something awful. It’s too bad as I was thinking about the ultimate sleeper car. Imagine, a Falcon two door comes up to you with little dish hubcaps and you find out the hard way I dropped in some huge crate engine. Gulp. Believe me when I say I read the ad more than once trying to convince myself there was enough there to justify this craziness but honestly the car might be a donor car at this point.

So, don’t forget about the little Falcon. It has really cool round taillights, a simple little grill but huge possibilities to either get her back to the way it was on the showroom floor or make your own classic muscle car.

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