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By Dave Ashton

Todays muscle car finds are a nice mix from the 60s to the 80s. Check them out below.


1965 Pontiac GTO Base

Engine: 6.4L 6376CC 389Cu. In. V8
Exterior Color: Burgundy
Price: $17,000.00

This is for 4 barrel 1965 GTO 389 with PHS report sheets. All seems original here, with some rusted areas, but they only seem to be minor.
Although the exterior looks in great condition the ad. says the ‘front seat covers, head liner and door panels will need to be replaced for a show car.’ The interior definitely needs work and on close inspection of some of the images there is surface rust, here and there.

Still, a great car for a great price.



1973 Pontiac GTO 4 Speed

Engine: 400 PONTIAC 4 bbl.
Transmission: Muncie 4 speed
Current bid: $5,310.00

This GTO was only built for one year on a restyled A body, before it was put onto the Tempest’s X body in 1974.

The car clearly needs a full restoration, both inside and out, with a warranty replacement engine clearly needing work.
If you can deal with all the surface rust and an unusual ’73 GTO, then this may just be the vehicle for you as long as the price doesn’t go much more.



1969 Chevrolet Nova SS

Engine: 396/375hp L78
Transmission: Automatic
Mileage: 79,750
Price: $23,000.00

This Chevy Nova SS looks in great condition with a non original 396cu. engine and repainted to red from the original Cortez Silver. The car does have its original CX code Turbo 400 transmission.

Apart from the points above, everything else seems original on this car, with only minor amounts of surface rust. If everything checks out on this vehicle, it would be a very nice ride for the money.



1983 Dodge Charger Shelby

Engine: 135cu.
Transmission: Manual
Mileage: 76,500
Price: $1,550.00

Most wouldn’t look twice at the car like this, especially with the odd mix of Dodge and Shelby in the name. However, for such a low asking price this could be just a rare novelty for somebody out there.

The car is said to run and drive and will need some restoration both inside and out. Muscle car this is not, especially being a four-cylinder, but it does have the Shelby name and in trailer queen condition they can fetch up to $20,000.


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