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Should You Use A Muscle Car As A Daily Driver?

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By Mark Weisseg

I saw this picture and short story on the web the other day. I had to file it and wait until I cooled off before I wrote anything.

Do most of you understand how hard it is to find a Dodge Charger from 1968 to 1970? Gadzooks the process can be draining and very expensive. However, this genius made his Charger his daily driver. Yessir re Bob the owner gets in and turns the key every day and drives it. The body seems straight and correct. The wheels and tires seem ok. The hood is a bit out of whack but the car looks filthy. Does this guy have barrels of money so it does not Matter? I don’t think so but I don’t know.

The point of all this is I expect better. These cars are treasures. They are the very fabric of our fast muscle car world. And here we have a person who just drives his car every day like it was a AMC Matador? What’s a Matador? You get the joke if you are old enough to remember when you hair was not gray. But, this car can be a driver but to let it get so dirty and beat up is a sin. He would also be the guy that would not sell it as he will restore it someday. We all know those guys.

I get the feeling he will drive this until it is a turd and then ask top dollar. I understand the term ” drive them if you got them” but holy brake drums batman can we not wash it? Our hobby has challenges. Not many young people want what we cherish today. They want Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Subaru, and other such rice burners. Who is going to take the helm for us? How do we preserve what we love? I am worried and maybe I am a nut. The kids put weird sounding pipes on them and they are just thrilled.

Show them a hot rod from our era and most yawn. I wish I knew how to fix this but we are in a society of lazy young people who don’t understand what real hard work is. And if the trend continues they will never understand, points, condenser, cap, rotor, wires, a six barrel, or a V 8.

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