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‘MotiV8tion’ – An American Muscle Car Brotherhood In The Philippines

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As some of you might remember, we have already featured two articles about this independently produced documentary back in 2015/2016. The story is about a group of muscle car enthusiasts from Manila, Philippines, who share the same ‘MotiV8tion’ about their V8-powered vintage cars.


The film had been distributed on a pay-per-view basis on Amazon, iTunes, GooglePlay, etc. After a successful 5 year run on these platforms, Bernhard Floedl the Austrian-born, but Philippine-based producer and co-director of the film, has now decided to make the documentary available for everyone for free on YouTube. You might want to take a look at the trailer here –

If the trailer is to your liking you might as well check out the full-length feature here –

‘MotiV8tion’ comes fully equipped with a closed caption to aid hearing-impaired people. This highly professional documentary is captivating and aside from the gorgeous cars, features an interesting bunch of individuals, and real characters who tell fascinating tales.


There is a former movie actor from Austria, Bernhard Floedl, who sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger, a flying Scotsman with a beautiful Plymouth Duster 340 named “Gorgo”, some Filipino American who likes Mustangs and a whole lot and other colorful, rib-tickling Filipinos who own muscle cars and interesting workshops.

The Filipino car restoration workshops featured in the documentary show amazingly ingenious craftsmanship and dedication. One is managed by a comical woman, who runs the shop for her Norwegian husband who works on ships. Some of these shops would elsewhere be considered as junkyards, yet in the Philippines, they give birth to restored cars that can rival the output of any American-based restoration workshop.

Here in the States everything can be ordered and delivered to your doorstep within 48 hours. No big deal to put a car together. But in the Philippines, it’s a different story. It takes ingenious creativity and I guess it’s about your commitment and love for the car and not all about money.

Yeah, it’s all about your “MotiV8tion” I guess!

Bernhard has told us that he decided to make his documentary available for free as many people are facing hardship these days as a result of the Covid pandemic. He hopes to bring some needed distraction, escapism, and happiness into their lives.

‘Sharing is caring’, Bernhard said. Until the mid-1990s he worked as an actor on various B-movies and during this time was able to work with well-known stars like Chuck Norris, Richard Harris, Donald Pleasence, Susan Sarandon, Robert Davi, and Richard Hatch, just to name a few. ‘Even though I was never able to get back what I had spent out of my own pocket producing this documentary film, I never regretted it and hope that it has in some ways helped to get some people into the hobby of restoring vintage muscle cars. After all, that was always my ultimate goal.’

So share this with all your friends and family and don’t forget to leave some nice comments and likes for our friends in Manila, Philippines.

Read more about the movie here.


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