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During the second quarter of 2019, Mercedes AMG finally returned to its roots and launched sports car-daily driver hybrid – the Mercedes AMG 4-Door Muscle Car.

Although intended to replace the Mercedes CLS class, the sports sedan is more similar to the Mercedes E-Class in appearance, as it features a slick shell, a rear-wheel drive platform and a vintage-style front-mounted engine and transmission.

As Mercedes Benz’ newest addition to the famed full-strength AMG model, the Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door muscle car is a strong upgrade from the brand’s regular premium-billed muscle cars. With a stylish exterior and an added element of practicality, the Mercedes AMG 4-Door Coupe has the firepower and car upgrades to compete with even the newest models in the market today.

Powering the Mercedes AMG GT 4-Door 63 S is the AMG’s colossal 4.0-litre twin-turbo engine, winding up to a mad 470kW (at 5500 to 6500rpm) and 900Nm of torque from a mere 2500rpm.

As part of the AMG GT prestige, the car is also sizeable (over 5 meters long) with modern and stylish design cues on both the front and rear, including a special racer-style grille as well as ultra-thin LED tail-lights.

Buyers can also tailor the Mercedes-AMF 4-Door GT 4-Door Coupe to best suit their needs with its two variants. Accompanying the super V8 powered GT 63 S model is the AMG GT 53, which houses a 3.0-litre twin-turbo inline-six alongside a 48V hybrid system.

Like its counterpart, the GT 53 also guarantees enhanced performance by sporting impressive outputs of 320kW and 520Nm, with a 0-100km/h sprint time of 4.5 seconds, as well as a maximum speed of 285km/h. The 4-Door is also the latest Mercedes AMG to include rear-axle steering, making for the perfect speed management when driving up to 100km per hour.

Despite its advanced specs and sports-car inspired design, the Mercedes AMG 4-Door Muscle Car can also substitute as a family car. Unlike other renown sports cars around the $250,000 price point (such as the Ferrari 812 Superfast and BMW M6 Gran Coupe), the AMG 4-Door Muscle Car series presents the added option of a daily driver with its convenient seven-speed dual-clutch transmission feature. This is also upgradeable to the versatile nine-speed MCT gearbox, providing complete control over all four wheels.

Both Mercedes AMG 4-Door Muscle Car models sport an aesthetic and athletic shell, alongside customizable vehicle interiors. Available in a wide range of colors and metallic hues, Benz’ 4-Door Muscle Car series involves buyers in its design process by including steering wheel options as well as cockpit and AMG performance seat choices.

If customizing your vehicle from scratch isn’t your thing, Mercedes also offers a number of pre-planned packages suitable for different purchasing wants and needs. These include the AMG Aerodynamics Package, the AMG Exterior Chrome Package, the AMG Exterior Carbon-Fibre Packages (I and II) and the AMG Exterior Night Package.

However, the Mercedes AMG 4-Door Muscle is not without its downsides. The sports sedan has a relatively heavy weight of 2045kg and also fails to include the latest MBUX infotainment system.

To ensure safety and compensate for its extra weight, the AMG GT 4-Door Coupe is protected by several bracing measures that are fit to deal with its increased load, whether in design or any riding baggage. Such bracing measures include a full-length wall made of carbon fiber behind the rear seats, as well as heavy-duty struts which support the trunk space as well as the car’s underfloor.

Across the entire bottom of the car’s engine compartment is also a rock-solid and rigid aluminate plate which acts as a protectant for the engine. There are also more cross-bracing struts running across the rear of the car to its middle, as well as on the transmission tunnel.

With its impressive specs, timelessly stylish exterior, comfortable and convenient interior, and quality protective measures, the Mercedes AMG-4-Door Muscle Car has become one of today’s most popular Mercedes car models and will certainly be on the list to stay.

Comparable to reputable cars already established in the scene such as the Porsche Panemera and Audi RS7, Mercedes’ first entirely in-house developed four-door car is a luxurious daily-driver option worth considering.

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