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Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Muscle Car

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Many people dream of owning a badass muscle car such as a Dodge Challenger or a Ford Mustang. These iconic muscle cars are in a league of their own when it comes to speed and performance. However, muscle cars are not cheap and tend to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Buying and restoring muscle cars is an exciting hobby for those who can afford it and there are plenty of ways to grab a bargain. With that in mind, here is a beginner’s guide to buying a muscle car.

Decide why you want a muscle car

People want iconic muscle cars for various reasons and you should start by considering why you want to buy a muscle car. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to restore a classic car

or maybe you want to get involved in drag racing competitions in your local area. Whatever your reasons for wanting a muscle car, make sure that it is going to be an enjoyable experience and one that you won’t regret. Keep in mind that buying a muscle car is a massive investment, so you must be committed and do it for the right reasons.

Don’t expect to make a profit

Many people consider buying a rust-bucket classic car with the hope of restoring it and making a profit. While it is possible to make money restoring muscle cars, you shouldn’t go into it expecting to make big bucks. It is important to remember that restoring muscle cars takes a lot of hard work and you must be prepared to dedicate yourself to your restoration project. If you have the necessary mechanical skills and tools available, then it may be possible to keep labor costs low and complete the restoration work yourself. However, this may require you to spend months or even years in your garage working on the vehicle before it is roadworthy. Make sure you consider how much time you are prepared to sacrifice towards the restoration project. Remember that you may also find it difficult to sell the car or make a profit once the work is complete. Overall, people should go into muscle car restoration because they enjoy it, rather than wanting to make a big return on their investment.

Do plenty of research

Purchasing a muscle car is not as easy as buying a new model at a local dealer or garage. Finding your perfect muscle car will take time. You must do plenty of research and find a reputable classic car dealer. One of the biggest advantages of purchasing a muscle car from a dealer is that you will be able to inspect the vehicle before you buy it and therefore you may have stronger negotiating power. Classic car auctions can be a great way to learn about high-end muscle cars and find a great bargain. However, make sure you stick to your budget and don’t get carried away with the excitement of bidding wars. Another option is to buy a muscle car from a private dealer. The main advantage of this method is that you will get to communicate with the seller directly and you may be able to secure a better deal. However, finding private sellers takes work and will require you to spend time hunting through car-selling sites.

Understand the costs involved

Classic muscle cars are old, which means they tend to have high running costs. Keep in mind that a muscle car is likely to require regular maintenance and this can quickly add up. Make sure you have a realistic idea of the costs involved with running and maintaining a muscle car and check that you have the budget available. You may also want to take out specialized insurance cover which can save money on limited use and come handy for specialty parts replacement.

Use specialized repair

When it comes to repairing and maintaining your muscle car, it’s worth it to be selective.

It’s a no brainer to look for a repair shop that is knowledgeable and specializes in classic and high-performance muscle cars. Sometimes, your muscle car may need a more comprehensive evaluation for specialty repair.

For instance, you might have to find a paintless repair specialist if your classic car is damaged by hail or dents. In that case, instead of searching for a muscle-car body shop, you’ll want a reputable repair company in auto hail repair – try searching auto hail damage repair near me on Google and select one that has experience repairing classic models.

Make sure the repair company that you choose offers a warranty on their services.


Buying a muscle car is an exciting experience that many people dream of. However, iconic muscle cars are never cheap and you could easily waste your time and money if you make a bad purchase. If you are considering buying a muscle car, then follow the above suggestions and make sure that you do plenty of research before you make a purchase.


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