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Best Customer Service You Can Expect from a Wheels and Tires Dealer

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A recent report predicts that the Australian tire market will reach close to $2.8 billion this year.

With the global automotive wheel industry projected to touch a $47 billion mark by 2025, the demand for wheels has a direct relation to the automotive industry. The fact that Australia witnesses the sale of over 1 million cars year on year corroborates these predictions.

Vehicle owners expect wheels to be strong enough to tolerate the car weight and operational forces. The automotive wheel is an integral component of your car that rotates and transmits the drive from the axle to the road. It comprises a rim, hub, and spoke, providing a means to affix the tyres. If you wish for sophisticated automotive wheel servicing, it is best to consult highly rated Australian dealers.

Here are some excellent customer services they offer, ensuring you great value for your money.

Top-Class Wheel Alignment and Balancing Service

For a smooth and safe ride, you require proper alignment of each wheel. This adjustment is directly connected to various other parts of your vehicle that impact its overall performance and quality.

The reputed dealers have wheel alignment experts; you must consult them if you doubt your car’s wheel alignment. They offer in-house services with advanced methods, guaranteeing a precise alignment.

Quality Alloy Wheel Rims

The alloy wheel has excellent aesthetic appeal, making it a popular choice among the Aussies. Its lightweight and the ability to effectively dissipate heat from tyres and brakes have compelled market leaders to invest more in its R&D.

However, finding a set of quality alloy rims for your ride could be an uphill task. The good news is that Australian dealers present over 6000 wheels from the biggest brands in the industry. You can choose from various wheel sizes ranging from 16″ to 24″, with high-quality finishes, including matte, gloss black, and chrome.

First Time Right

The renowned dealers in the automotive wheel industry stand out because of their ability to guarantee a wheel fitment, which is always right in the first instance.

Once you provide all necessary specifications about your vehicle, including make, model, and year, the dealers apply sophisticated algorithms to assess the right wheel fit. Rest assured, you will get your vehicle with the perfectly fitted wheel package, with a 100% guarantee!

Excellent Shipping Services

Typically, the top Aussie wheel dealers take 1 to 2 working days for shipping their products to Metro cities. Whereas, they guarantee delivery within 2 to 8 working days for the rural regions.

They dedicate an entire page on their user-friendly website, explaining the terms and conditions for shipping and handling. Also, they are quite transparent with clauses where they can charge you a few extra bucks.

High-Rated Car Servicing

Apart from providing top customer service for your wheel package, the Aussie dealers also function as an excellent car service centre.

They offer top-notch servicing for the engine, such as filter and brake wear replacement. Besides, they also repair and replace your flat tyres and install pressure tyre sensors that give you the right pressure readings.

Next time, when you think your vehicle’s wheel doesn’t seem quite right or find something odd with your car, get in touch with a reputed wheel and tyre dealer. Rest assured, you will have a fine-tuned vehicle to empower you to experience a pleasant car ride.


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