Massive Muscle Car Collection In Factory Basement

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By Dave Ashton

Just when you thought all the vintage muscle cars in the world have been discovered and snapped up, along comes another bountiful Muscle Car Collection. In this case it’s a huge gathering of old GM muscle cars.

There are quite a few old GM classics in this muscle car collection. Pontiac GTOs, 442 Cutlasses, Hurst Oldsmobiles, a 1970 Buick GS Stage 1…the list goes on. There are also some rarities thrown into the mix like a special order GTO in rare Cardinal Red. Most are non-numbers matching and have been sat for over 15 years. Thankfully, in a temperature controlled environment, which means most of them should have metalwork in good condition. Obviously, that doesn’t take into account the condition they were first brought into the storage environment as some clearly have a few rust holes. There is a varied enough selection here to grab somebody’s interest for their next restoration project.

At this point the video should have whetted your appetite, but where are they, are they for sale, is there an inventory list to choose from, etc.? The bottom line – the collection is for sale and has been documented in the video by Auto Archaeology, who will put interested parties in touch with the owners of the collection. All the vehicles are waiting to be restored and are in a variety of conditions – some with engines, some without.

I can only think that the passing on of interested parties to the seller via email is to cut down on tire kickers. If you’re interested in buying anything that you seen the video or inquiring further, then email the Auto Archaeologist here.


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