Pontiac GTO Judge Field Find

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By Dave Ashton

Some people seem to have all the luck. The Barn Find Hunters from Hagerty seems to be one such bunch when they stumbled across this large clutch of desirable muscle cars outside of Lubbock, Texas. A wide expanse of land with loads of vintage vehicles baking away in the heat, with one car standing out in particular, a Pontiac GTO Judge.

At first glance, the Judges looks like it was parked recently and has just let the sun do its usual oxidizing on the paintwork. From the video commentary this is a Carousel Red Judge the paint being original, with a white interior, 400ci V8 4 barrel Ram Air III and a four speed. The odometer also reads 00002.4. Although they cannot pop the hood, the owner says he has driven the car, but doesn’t go into detail for when and for how long. In other words, this is a prime, classic muscle car, begging to be restored.

As for value, the on the spot appraisal was condition 4, which is fair, but above the condition of this car $38,900. Good $56,000 and in concours condition $127,000. unfortunately, the car is not for sale, bah. Rick doesn’t say in the video. If he has any plans for the Judge. he clearly doesn’t want to sell, but will it eventually be restored?

There’s plenty of other vehicles dotted around the land, which could possibly be for sale. But, if Rick ever parts with the Pontiac is another question. In any case, it’s worth watching the video in its entirety as there are loads of vehicles they inspect which are all very interesting in their own rights.


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