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Making a Web Of Friends To Find Your Muscle Car

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By Mark Weisseg

My oh my another Mustang for sale. Gadzooks we should run right out and buy this field find before it gets away. The owner says come now or lose a deal.
But hold the horses ( no pun intended) look closer my internet friends.

Yes, it’s the same Mustang I wrote about a few months ago just at a different angle. See, do not believe everything you read or see on the Internet. Photo shopping is as easy as can be. You can write nearly anything and get away with it as well. Lots of kids go to Wiki as the new bible as we once had to go to the encyclopedia for our outdated information.

But the classic car hobby is full of very good people but like any group there are bad apples. So, how do you overcome the bad apples? Well, you could drive or fly somewhere everytime you think you have the next deal of a lifetime. It would cost a fortune and you would never be home. I suggested in many articles of building your own net of people.

Facebook has brought many of us back together that we lost contact with. For example, I do have friends and family scattered all over this United States and know a friend in the UK. You need to get them to help you as you would help them. I managed to build a web of associates all over the country but not in every state. That would be perfect but unrealistic. My last buy came out of Tempe Az. I told the private dealer I had a friend out there and we have known each other for literally 50 years.

My friend would go to Tempe on short notice for me. It never came to that and I never meant it as a threat. But, since I do not own a Gulfstream G550 I thought it best to get the web friends out in the country on alert. They all know my hobby is cars and trucks. They know I buy them when I want them. So, if a friend hears about one in Colorado I have someone close enough to do me a favor. But, let’s be clear. The bad apples out there will use multiple tricks to lure you in with fancy big words. One owner, never been in snow, adult driven. Low miles. Minor rust and the rest of the English language all to get you foaming at the mouth.

I know sometimes you need to act fast or the deal is lost. Or is it? I looked at a Model A in Ohio and the guy wanted 8k. I hesitated and wrote him a few more times and he kept saying he had a buyer and so on. So, I said nothing. Two weeks later I see the car advertised on a different site for 7k. I reach out and offer him 5k. He refuses and just about called me terrible things. Then, nothing.

A week goes by and he contacts me and says I can have it for 5k. See, I know the Model A market is weak now unless you are doing a rat or hot rod. And even then most guys want cars from 32 to 36. I could have gambled and lost of course but I didn’t. I am not sure I would have gambled so much if it was a rare Camaro, Mustang, or Mopar so you need to know your products well. But, in the meantime start building your own web. I am on friends web pages so they can count on me to go out for them. Remember, you may get there and discover your friend does not want it and then that gives you first choice or there just might be something else there for you. For example, I desire a Eco meter air pump and a real British phone booth. Both are hard to find but never impossible. Just put the word out and let your friends do the walking for you.

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