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Muscle Car Brands: Comfort First With The Cadillac

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By Mark Weisseg

Cadillac have been around since 1902 and are more renowned for their luxury vehicles, than nimble, powerful cars and that was the point.

Go ahead and throw things at me but I had to write about this Cattle rack or just plain old Caddy. Not exactly a fast muscle car but with a 472 V8 under the giant hood the car could go fast once you got over 70mph.

Now, it might take you an hour to do that but once there, that big red needle just floated along like the rest of the car. No more big fins or gawdy out landish items, but a car that road like it was on a cloud.

I write this as all of us need a break now and then from hot, fast, quick, muscle cars. This Caddy was a low rider before we knew what a low rider was.
Big, heavy, bulky and about ten tons of steel per car it seemed. The trunk carried at least six bodies and up to ten if you stacked them. The interior was soft leather and as quiet as a little mouse eating your wiring on the car you left out side now for years. Everything under the hood was big. Take a look the next time one pulls into port. Everything is big. Air cleaner, valve covers, power steering pump and more. The car oozed Big GM in the day. Big meant luxury, affluence and having money. With those traits you didn’t need to go fast.

Today, you can fit a Caddy CTS in the arm rests. So, everyone feel better? Ok, back to fast muscle cars.

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