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1957 Chevy Nomad: The Car For All Man Kind

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By Mark Weisseg

I honestly believe with all of my heart that the 1957 Chevy is the car for all man kind. What does that mean?

Well, if we were to build a time capsule with items that were of the upmost importance I would bury a ’57 Chevy.
There has been hundreds of models since the 57 and so many good ones it is hard to pick just one. But, if I were in charge of this department in the government I would select this car.
It has iconic styling that has yet to go out of fashion. How many things can you say that about? Let’s go back to the 1970’s.

Hair, shoes, bell bottom pants, eight track car radios, short shorts and white knee high socks. Any of them around anymore? Nope. Everything changes for a reason and usually a good reason. I hate when I hear someone complain about today’s cars being too complicated to work on. So, you want to drive around in a Model T? About one hour into that cruise and you’d be ready for episodes of Benny Hill to straighten you out. So, everything changes but there are a few things that do not. Manners matter, we all still wear clothes to work, most of us care about hygiene, and there are no bones in ice cream.

But, this ’57 stands heads and shoulders above them all. Yes, even Corvettes. They changed constantly as did most cars. But, this is a one year smash hit. Normally in music a one hit wonder is like Ace of Base. One big hit, a sexy video and then poof.

They are back selling shoes before you know it. But this was a one hit number that is as fresh today as in ’57. Whether, two door, four door, or Nomad style, nobody seems weary of this one year hit. The restorers have done nearly everything to this car over the years and it does not seem to matter. A winner is a winner.

It’s unforgettable. Just like a Plymouth Superbird. Once you see one it sticks with you. First place, or first prize should go to the mighty 57. I will be reading comments from all of you if you have a difference of opinion but I know I won’t here from the 1980 Chevy Citation groups. Whew!

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