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By Mark Weisseg

For those of us that love the old car hobby, every car is ‘almost’ worth saving. Even if it’s not your particular brand. I mean I can say with authority and confidence as the owner of many brands I always want to save the next one from the crusher.

When I saw this Mustang I wanted to reach out and grab it for the saving. We all know it will take a lot of money and sacrifice to do such a project but the alternative is worse.

If you go to Google or Bing and watch a video of a car being crushed in less than thirty seconds that awful feeling will last much longer.
On my poster boards for the cars I display the top line always reads “it’s only original once”. I know it’s not exactly new and fresh but the statement lives and breathes.

Many people comment on that one line and it’s the line that kept me going at times. When others begged me to sand off thirty plus years of patina and paint on my truck I would not budge. I wanted that truck to really be patina and not fake patina as so many do today. The average bystander can tell the difference and I will not lower myself to that.

But, let’s return to the Mustang. We all know there are plenty of Mustangs on the road today. Car Parts are readily available and unless you have a rare Stang, the prices are in line with most other cars to restore. I can just assure you nothing is more fun than building a dream. When it’s done and you can drive it and the feeling of acceptance and belonging will overcome you. Few people can ever feel that.
It’s easy to flat bed it to a restoration shop and give them the green light, I mean green money to make your dream a reality. However, when you get your own skin in the game the feelings you get in return are overwhelming. Let me side step a bit.

Here in the Northeast in the last few days the weather has been nearly perfect. Perfect enough that on Friday, Saturday and Sunday I drove three of my classics. And, my sister drove another one for me that I park near Her home.
The roads were filled with motorcycles, classics, hot rods, resto mods and everything else you can imagine. The Mustang club and Mopar club had runs on Sunday. Hundreds of each model were out cruising the streets. For example, on Saturday night I ran into two Hellcats at a small town that were cruising around. Each gave me the nod and off we went in separate directions.

Everyone is one when it comes to the classic cars. Why? Well, we all understand the costs, the blood, sweat and tears that goes into our hobby. It can be back breaking and very costly so respect is very high. If you want to be a part of the best club going get involved with us. We do charity work, poker runs, get togethers, fellowships and much more. You will love the companionship and friendships you will make but you must start somewhere. Start by finding your dream in a barn or tucked away in field somewhere. Save it, restore it and drive it.
Not much else in life will give you as much pleasure. Take it from a authority.

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