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Lower Than Low Hot Rods

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By Mark Weiseeg

I know by now you all have seen lower than low hot rods. The use of air bags let’s the driver raise the car to safely drive it but when parked, they can lay that bugger on the street. This car does not appear to have the lowering package as I looked hard. What this car does have is a way cool design.

I cannot say I am a huge fan of the giant white walls but everyone has different taste. Clearly there are some ponies up front and I will bet this hot rod is loud going down the road. Looks to be straight pipes coming off the headers. Do I see multiple carbs up top?

Also, a great look is the cab. Some guys chop the cabs so drastically they can barely see out. You wonder how they see where they are going. Well, this one is very different. Great vision all the way around and it appears to have plenty of head and leg room.
I always chuckle when I see some of these rods on the road and the driver and passenger looked like they took a running start and jumped inside. They are squeezed in like sardines. Getting out is a whole new adventure as if your playing the game Twister. This owner looks like he or she went for coolness and comfort. Hats off to him or her that made this really cool car a driver.

That’s really the point with a hotrod like this one. it can still look fantastic without being uncomfortable and a pain to drive. Ultra chopped and ultra lowered does look cool, but when you have to live with on a daily basis practicality does come into the equation.
So, if you are going to invest in a hot rod, sit on it for a while, driving it and think can you live with it on a daily basis, no matter how cool it looks.
Then again, it takes your breath away, anything goes.

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