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Respect To Your Muscle Car Brothers

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By Mark Weisseg

The guy that owns this car is a guy named Don. An older guy and an absolute car crazy guy.

He bought this car used with very low miles. It is a 2013 GT 500. I asked him why he bought this car and it mirrored my reasons for buying mine. It was the year Mr. Shelby passed and the engine was only made in 2013 and 2014.

The Trinity engine has 662 hp from the factory. He opted to add in many aftermarket products from American Muscle car where I just added a Bama Tuner to my Mustang. This Cobra is not only mean looking but is now 850 hp strong. The painting under the hood was done by a local artist for one hundred dollars!

I enjoyed meeting Don for the first time and loved his passion for the Mustang. When he came over to look at mine I was a bit nervous as his is a show stopper. He walks up, walks around it and turns to me and tells me he likes my exterior color better. Boy, did he ever cut through the thick air for me.

No matter if you drive a 70 Nova or a 68 Camaro, we are all brothers and need to stick together. We need to share notes, stories and hints that can make our cars better and our fellowship stronger.
Take notice of the biker guys and gals. They wave at one another, help one another and are brothers and sisters all the way through. Some cars are like that now. I would say the Corvette owners are hand in hand as are the Mustang and Camaro people. But, just today I was driving my Road Runner and a guy going the opposite direction in an old Nova waved to me. It was a moment of honor as anyone in our hobby knows the heartache you can experience at times as well as the over whelming joy one feels. So, I hope you take notice of this and give a wave or a thumbs up to your fellow classic car guys and gals. They know what it takes to love our cars.



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