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Finally Getting A 1979 Road Runner

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By Mark Weisseg

After over a year in the discussion phase I can finally share the first picture of this hidden Road Runner. A high school friend of mine advised me of a long hidden away Road Runner. It was his find so he got first crack at it. I was second in line. Every few months I would ask him about the car and not much was said. Finally, this past Friday night I ran into him at our car show and asked again. Persistence always wins out.

Scott said he would finally send me a picture and some details in the next few days. Here is what I received this morning. He states when it was put into this container someone tore out the carpets. He said “the floors are not too bad, quarter panels are gone, front clip are solid and especially happy to see solid inner fenders.” “The drivers floor is in bad shape, the trunk is bad… All there and should run”. Those are quotes from him.

I advised him to drag it home and sit on it as needed just to get ownership. Bigger decisions can be made later. He said, ” inclined to agree” and I stated more pictures would be a plus.
Well, that is how it is right now. After over a year this car might have a new owner in my friend. Again, if he declines I am waiting like a cat at the fish market. The last thing I need is a big project right now and I promised my brother no more big projects. But, if Scott defaults to me I am taking it and figuring the rest out later. You do not get many chances to own a ’69 Convertible Road Runner in your life that has been hidden away since 1976. It’s a barn find of all barn finds.

So persistence is key here. It might mean you land the car of your dreams, like in this case, you were inches away. Either way, this car will eventually either be mine or my friends. whatever the ultimate outcome, I will still be able to enjoy this fantastic piece of muscle car history.

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