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LEGO 1967 Ford Mustang Hits The Streets!

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By Dave Ashton

As part of the Creator series, Lego has release their own version of the iconic 1967 Ford Mustang American muscle car. A 1500 piece kit which should keep any budding pony car enthusiast busy for some time and the kit being aimed as more of a buildable collectable. Released on March 1, the Lego Mustang will have a street price of $149.99.

Once you get over the initial cool factor of having a Mustang made in Lego form(admit it, no matter your car preferences, it’s there for a moment) the deciding factor is how much detail is included in the kit. The label on the box clearly says ‘Expert,’ which means children will probably need some adult assistance with the build and for grown-up children no one is allowed to touch the thing even when completed on pain of death.

The video above goes into plenty detail about what you get in the box, but it suffices to say there’s plenty to keep the classic Mustang fan happy with lots of attention to detail. The hood, trunk and doors open as they should in a kit this detailed, with plenty of working parts within.


Open the hood( shame there’s no hood pins) to reveal a very cool looking Lego 390 cubic inch V8. The detail in the engine bay is fantastic, made in the Lego way. It’s not just a Lego shaped V8, all the accessories are there like the battery, timing belt, washer bottle and engine caps. It even has a blue air filter and the ‘390 high-performance’ decal. There’s also a movable mid-console shifter, functional steering, a nitrous bottle for the trunk and five different sets of license plates.


The hood scoop can be removed to fit a Lego supercharger. A front chin and a rear wing can also be fitted to get a more GT look. There’s even some chunky side pipe that can be fitted just behind the front wheels. The roof can also be removed for a better view and access to the interior.


The manual that comes with the kit is 210 pages long. It doesn’t just cover how to build your Lego Mustang, but also information on the Mustang’s back history with details like information on the most popular colors over the years.

If you really wanted to be nitpicking, there aren’t any pedals or a glove compartment for instance, but the rest of the model more than makes up for some of the smaller details left out. In total this is a great model which should keep you busy and happy for a long time.


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